Bald and Pantless

This year we went on a family vacation to Black Bear Lodge in WI. Northern Wisconsin is beautiful. Perhaps it’s being surrounded by the wood that allows you to relax and forget the everyday. It was a wonderful sunny day, sure it was warm but all of us were soaking up the sun and really enjoying ourselves. At the lodge they have a small beach area where the kids swim and play. Most of the kids enjoyed splashing in the water, building sand castles and swimming out to the raft.

I’m enjoying sitting by the beach watching the girls, of which I have three, playing. Drinking a beer I feel a tap on my head and the baiting laughter of Jude calling me, “baldy!” Have you ever been so relaxed that despite the taunts you choose not chase the little fiend? Yea, I was in that wonderful place. Still I’m in my early forties and I run 3 miles a day so in all fairness it was only right that I give some warning, “I’ll get you and
through you in the water!” Jude wasn’t wearing a swim suit so the warning carrying a bit of weight. The heckles changed from ‘baldy’ too, “nice halo” or some other witty remark. My wife Carol sat down was having a laugh as Jude was really working the entire beach with his colorful taunts. Very slowly I set my beer down waiting for Jude to run by and tap my well-earned bald spot. Now I would like to say that I leaped up like a cheetah after it pry but, that simply wasn’t the truth. Instead Jude had a bit of a head start. [1] Thanks to an error in Jude’s judgment, he ran on the pier to escape me. This is going to be sweet! If I get pulled in the water, who cares! I was wearing a swimming suit and the cold refreshing water would feel good. I slowed my approach. Yes, let’s make him sweat it out, “I got you now!”

You’ll never guess what happens next? I feel someone grab the back of my swim suit and start pulling down. This is when the world slows down, everything kind of stops and you realize that your butt is on display. Yes that’s right kids, adults, fish and even the eagle high above saw smiling at my demise. Who could be defending Jude? The entire beach knew why I was going to throw him in the water. No one yelled, “Stop he’s only a kid!” They all understood and were all too happy to watch him go swimming! Carefully, I spun around while holding the front of my swim suit. [2] I’ll be honest. I was looking
straight into the eyes of an invisible person. “Daddy, you no throw Jude in the water,” said Sophia in her motherly voice while shaking a finger at me for good measure. Sophia is my youngest, about 4 years old and apparently fond of Jude. That’s it right? Oh you know what I mean. You can’t be made and so you laugh. We did agree that it was okay to throw Jude in the water a little bit. So Jude got wet up to his knees.

The rest of vacation I watched Sophia as she gave Jude and  Cian Gibson her attention. It was a wonderful vacation that full of some great  laughs. I’ll save those for another blog.

[1] Hmm.. I did mention I was in my forties, right?

[2] Everyone got a peek at the mountains, no reason to show them the forest!


About Sam Lucido

I’m a family man that loves playing with the kids, gardening and sitting outside talking with the neighbors. I work for EMC utilizing my 14 years experience with Oracle technology to talk with customers about some of the great storage and virtualization solutions we have to offer.
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