I was working from home and walked into the kitchen. I wasn’t trying to be quiet, Dads usually aren’t, but my oldest daughter didn’t notice me. I love her hair as it’s long, blond and naturally curly. The curly part she got from Dad (but don’t tell her). So I stopped short of walking into the kitchen as I saw her drinking the last of the peach juice. After the last drop from the jar was gone she let out a small satisfying, “Ahh…” and put the jar down. Wow, I totally forgot! Remember having those little assorted fruit cups for lunch and the best part of it was the juice. How about pickle juice? I loved to drink pickle juice just as much as I enjoyed eating pickles. It’s a shame that as we get older we forget just how good that peach juice was, right? Some of those other “Ahh…” moments include the high school years when running cross country or track on a brutally hot day. We didn’t stop running until we reached the water fountains in the school hallways. Who can forget taking a bike ride with the gang out to 7-11, buying a Slurpee and getting the brain freeze on. How about the opposite: playing outside in the snow all day and coming in to some hot chocolate. What are some of those liquid “Ahh…” moments that you remember?

Our kids have a lot more than we did at their age but most of them don’t know what its like to drink from a cold bottle of Coke. Looking back I have to say the most refreshing drinks I’ve ever had are, “Water, peach juice, hot chocolate and pickle juice.” The simplest things in life can be the most gratifying.


About Sam Lucido

I’m a family man that loves playing with the kids, gardening and sitting outside talking with the neighbors. I work for EMC utilizing my 14 years experience with Oracle technology to talk with customers about some of the great storage and virtualization solutions we have to offer.
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1 Response to Ahh…

  1. I loved to drink the juice from the pickle jar!!
    I also remember leaving the house on a summer morning with my bike, some change if I needed to make a call from a phone booth, and a bottle of water. I would return 2-3 hours later, and that first drink of water, from the hose, or the kitchen sink was like ambrosia.
    Funny how we forget that as adults, as I tell my son not to drink from the hose, to come inside for some filtered water. My how things have changed…..
    ps. you asked about http://www.danoah.com/p/bit-about-me.html

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