Remembering Sunny Brook Farm

I’m fifteen years old and we’re striking out on another family vacation to some place called, “Sunny Brook Farm”. Now all bets are off as I’ve never been to this place but a vacation is a vacation, right? What’s cool about our station wagon is that we can store most of our luggage in the carrier on the roof. That leaves the back of the station wagon for us to stretch out and relax. Traveling was fun as we played games like “I spy” and “alphabet” or just telling jokes. Maybe even some signing over the loud radio. We were traveling with two other families so it was fun convincing some of the younger kids that we were being followed by Martians! I saw the Martian space ship all the time but they just missed catching it. I guess it takes an experienced observer!

We could only drink a bottle of coke per hour, Mom’s rule. So the trip took about two and half cokes until we finally pulled into Sunny Brook Farm. Hmm.. there’s a big white kinda farmer style house in front which we walked into to check in. Our parents gave us our cabin keys with the orders to, “Open the doors and come back to help carry the stuff in.” Kids and keys, you know it turned into a race. I’m just over 6 feet tall and about 125 pounds. Why so skinny you ask? I’ve been running as long as I can remember that includes sports like track and cross country. Anyway I waited at our cabin for my brother as he was the lucky one that got the key. Not much to say about the cabins as they were knotty pine planks on the outside and small on the inside. Still the refrigerator was large enough for the coke bottles and some snacks, “Good enough, right?” Don’t really plan on sleeping so didn’t bother looking at the beds.

When we were carrying the luggage we were able to quickly pickup on the hot spots. It seems that the cabins were arranged in a big rectangle and in the middle was a pool, yep going to hit that fast, a volleyball court and some grassy area. There were picnic tables near the cabins but we weren’t interested in eating. Just as fast we could rip our swim trunks out we were swimming. It was a warm sunny day and the pool was wonderful especially after the road trip. At first it was just swimming but then it turned into races followed by marco-polo. Other folks were arriving and soon the pool was filling up with other kids. That was just fine as we made friends quickly and the games became more fun. Then she happened. I don’t know her name but she was beautiful. She was about my age had really blond hair that seemed to catch the sunlight and hold it. She had fair skin with some freckles and these amazing blue eyes that make the pool water look dull by comparison. I’m a little on the shy side but I’ll climb any mountain to meet her.

Time seemed to whip by as the dinner bell was ringing and some teenager was shouting, “Dinner is now being served!” The food was good but not having to clean up afterwards was even better. We couldn’t go swimming as we just ate, Mom’s rules again. So most of the kids hung out at the volleyball court and soon afterwards some good games started. Me and some of the bigger guys decided to be on one team so that we could deliver a whopping to the smaller kids. Dang-it I still don’t know her name but she was wearing a t-shirt and some cutoff jean shorts. Okay I’m a teenager I’ll get over the embarrassment later so trust me when I say, “she is HOT!” As luck would have it she was playing on the other side. No opportunities to meet her, at least not yet. We played until it was too dark to see the ball and then we played a little more.

Some older and very cool teens stopped by asking, “You guys want to go to the teen room” This place was awesome as there were names all over the inside. I mean, if you were there you made sure your name was somewhere in the room. Some kids spray painted on the walls, some used markers on the ceiling and other engraved their names anywhere anyhow. This was just one room with one light and not much place to even sit. More has to be said about the lighting as the one bulb was barely enough to light every corner of the small room. Anyway, the older teens set about making us tell our names and where we were from. JILL! Yep, her name was Jill. Next one of the teen leaders said, “We’re going to play a game called, “Follow the Train. It goes like this I’m (the guy’s name was Tom) going to hold Suzie by hip and we are going to walk around the room.” Oh yea, I forgot to tell you that we formed a big square as all the kids were leaning against the walls while introducing ourselves. “As we walk around the room I’m going to pick someone to follow us outside. NO body but those on the train can go or peek outside! When we come back the last person on the train gets the pick the next person.”

We all nodded and whispered to each other things like, “What the hell is this game about?” Suzie turned on the boom box and the game started. Suzie started by the door walking around the room and Tom picked out another girl. The ‘Train’ went out the door which left us all listening to music. It took a few minutes but the Train came back through the door and started slowly walking around the room. The girl at the end of the train passed me up and picked some other guy. This time when they went outside it took even longer. We were all talking and none of us had the courage enough to peek outside. Finally, the Train came into the room and just like the other times started making its way around all the teens. The guy at the end of the Train picked Jill. Well as you have guessed they went outside and took even longer. This great new song on the radio called, “Sunglasses At Night” just started as the Train came through the door.

Slowly they walked around and you’ll never guess what just happened. Jill picked me! My gut was tied in knots, my mind was racing and my hands were on her hips! I followed Jill out the door and the Train stopped a short ways from the room. Suzie and Tom locked lips, like forever. Then Tom turned and kissed the girl he had picked. “Holy crap! I’m going to kiss Jill!” Tom didn’t kiss the girl nearly as long but, he kissed her and if I’m guessing right she is going to kiss the next guy. “YESSSS! She did, She did, She turned and kissed the next guy.” He turned and kissed Jill. “Can you believe this? The hottest girl at Sunny Brook Farm is going to kiss me!” Time seemed to stand still, my breaths were shallow in anticipation, you could see the stars and the air carried the sweet cool smell of Jill. Then she turned to me, even at night those blue eyes were brilliant. Jill took a small step towards me while looking in my eyes and …


I was stunned, no words to described it. She was still looking in my eyes and wearing a small smile as some of the other kids were laughing. “Sam! Okay man hears how it works” said Tom from somewhere in the dark, dark world. “It’s your turn to pick some girl out and when she thinks you are going to kiss her then you slap her. Got it man?” “Wait a moment” I thought to myself, “This isn’t that bad!” Tom was looking at me to make sure I got it. “Yea, no problem,” as I kinda laughed it off. The Train was moving again and there was a room filled of people wondering what the hell was going on. I picked a girl out but she wasn’t nearly as cute a Jill. Outside again and the kissing started. The same rush of anticipation seemed to mount as the kissing progressed closer and closer to Jill. She turned, moved closer and gave me the most wonderful kiss. The next kiss was longer, the next longer still until finally someone yelled, “Busted.”

That night was magic. Summer love is so brief. To Jill: I may have gotten your name wrong but I remember your face as if it was yesterday. You rocked my world. Thanks for picking me!

Sometimes it’s interesting how you remember stories. For me the thought chain worked like this: Movie “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid” (funny) > Song in the movie by Bonnie Tyler “Total Eclipse of the Heart”  > Lyrics “I get a little bit nervous that the best of all the years have gone by” > Sunny Brook Farm!

Seems like a good story for a Friday! To those folks who shared the Sunny Brook Farm experience: Please provide some feedback and I’ll update the story! Lastly, thanks to my wonderful wife Carol for proof reading the story. I love you honey bunny!


About Sam Lucido

I’m a family man that loves playing with the kids, gardening and sitting outside talking with the neighbors. I work for EMC utilizing my 14 years experience with Oracle technology to talk with customers about some of the great storage and virtualization solutions we have to offer.
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3 Responses to Remembering Sunny Brook Farm

  1. Riles says:

    Had me a bit nervous when I saw it was a story from summer of 85! Thought maybe it might be a little insight into things I may not remember. Why would I not remember? What did they say about the 60s – if you remember it you weren’t there? Awesome story Sam!

  2. Sam Lucido says:

    Hey Riles, Thanks for the positive feedback. Let me know if you have a blog too! It took an entire evening of trying to remember, doing research and pulling together the story. In the end it was worth the effort. Thanks to some of the folks in the “Sunnybrook Farm” facebook group as their comments really helped.

  3. Paul says:

    I don’t think I was ever picked, because I don’t remember that game. Of course, I remember Sunny Brook Farm. It was one of our best vacations. And Jill, I remember Jill.

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