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Our kids have a lot more than we did at their age but most of them don’t know what its like to drink from a cold bottle of Coke. Continue reading

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RAID 5 Part 2

Continuation from: Designing a RAID 5 group So to continue our discussion on RAID 5 lets investigate how EMC arrays use cache to minimize the impact of the read-read-write-write penalty. First let’s look at the events without having an array cache. … Continue reading

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Remembering Sunny Brook Farm

I’m fifteen years old and we’re striking out on another family vacation to some place called, “Sunny Brook Farm”. Now all bets are off as I’ve never been to this place but a vacation is a vacation, right? What’s cool … Continue reading

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Orange Day

I had gone to be early last evening. My body was tired and my brain was fried. Thankfully, I gave the girls their bath and they were nicely tucked away in their beds too. It was one of those nights … Continue reading

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Designing a RAID 5 group

In a blog called, “Disk I/O for Oracle DBAs” we talked about a simple way of estimating disk I/O.  Below is a list of disk types and relative IOPS: Enterprise Flash Drives (EFD): between 2000 – 4000 IOPS Fibre Channel … Continue reading

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